Learn Kyusho Jitsu


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Quotes Thank you so much for a very informative, easy to understand and entertaining workshop. The techniques shown were easy to follow and therefore easy to remember. The demonstrations, in particular with Mario, were mindblowing, to think that simple pressure points could produce such powerful effects. Looking forward to the next workshop. Quotes
Rosa Musolino

Quotes Great session a lot of useful information that's easy to remember in everyday life and many of us will def have the need to use it in the society these days ,it puts our mind at ease as parents knowing our children can defend themselves ;) Quotes
Dana Surace
A Mum

Quotes Aaron: ""The seminar was real good, 10/10. The information about how dangerous the streets really are was really useful. The way simple techniques can save our life was really good. The Scenarios used and the different stuations that may arise were good and I could relate to them"". Maria: ""Very educational, enjoyed the workshop. It was useful. Knife defence was awesome. Thank You."" Holly: ""I really enjoyed the workshop. I found it very useful and educational. I enjoyed the practical and practiing each move. Thank You"". Danny: ""Excellent class, great pressure points, realy cool knife defences, 10/10, it was really good, learnt alot". Steve: ""Interesting, not long enough, good self defence, like to do again"". Katrina & Rosa: ""It was very informative, thank you for your time"". Pat: ""Very informative"". Anthony: ""Awesome"". Jacqui: ""Excellent, entertaining, well done"". Christian: '""It rocked, I really appreciate it, Your awesome, thanks Quotes